Committed to the Communityof Calgary's Inglewood

Our dedication to local suppliers and sustainable business practice has paved the way for us to be recognized as both a community-focused and community-sourced restaurant dedicated to serving the business, leisure and lifestyle needs of Calgary’s Inglewood.


LeftOvers collects perishable foods that we can no longer sell, but are still very edible! They redistribute their donations to organizations in need such as The Drop-In, The Women’s Centre, The Alex and more.

Mealshare partners with restaurants to tackle child hunger in our own community and abroad. When a Mealshare item is ordered, 1.00$ goes towards their programs to buy groceries for the Calgary Brown Bag Lunch Program, or for international initiatives through Save the Children.

Impact Society seeks to create future leaders from the youth in our community. Through leadership training and other programming, youth develop pre-existing skills and abilities and gain confidence.

Suppliers Local Tastes Best

Our suppliers are hand-selected based on their ability to offer the highest quality products and the highest level of community-service. By surrounding ourselves with like-minded brands focused on shared values – our ability to consistently offer excellence is reinforced all the way from farm to fork (or mug).